Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Giving Response Warms the Heart

It's gratifying to me to see a post serve as a call to action, to see ordinary people respond quickly in a concrete way to carry out my suggestions. I had just only published a plea to let the Holiday Spirit carry on now that the holidays are over. Never did I imagine that people in the highest places of government would take up my suggestion and begin to act so quickly on it. And now we see all of these people in a giving mood.

The Bush campaign gives thousands to the American Heart Association.

Montana Congressional delegation returns funds.

Dennis Hastert makes a $70,000 contribution to unnamed charities.

Istook, Dorgan, and Brownback all took to heart the message to give a little something back.

How long before Mark Green and Paul Ryan get into the spirit of post-holiday giving?

Update: Roy Blunt shares the love, Bob Ney gives $6500 to the American Indian College Fund, keeps $7000 for hinself, and Texas Tom sees the light and gives till it hurts. link

Update II: Paul Ryan finds $949 to give to USO Operation Phone Home, which provides calling cards for soldiers to call home from abroad, and to the Bert Blain Memorial American Heart Association Heart Walk. He's still looking for the $25,ooo that Cadillac Jack funneled through Texas Tom and TRMPAC. (H/T to Xoff)

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