Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brett Davis Defends Gun Law

The Monroe Times has a story on business efforts to keep concealed weapons off their premises if the Assembly votes to over ride Governor Doyle's veto.

The business owners are concerned about language in the proposed concealed carry bill that states that an owner or occupant must have posted a sign and "personally and orally notified the individual" in order to prohibit weapons from being brought into a nonresidential building like a bank or pharmacy.

Evansville's Rep, Brett Davis claims that this is similar to posting "No Smoking" signs but then goes on to explain, "According to interpretation by the Wisconsin Legislative Council, all a business owner has to do is post a sign prohibiting weapons," Davis said. "In order to be fined, violators have to be verbally warned, so if you notice they are carrying, you can call the police and they have to tell them before they are penalized. Gun carriers are going to be trained, so when they see the sign they will know what it means."

That sounds a little more involved than putting up a sign. Davis has said that he will not split his vote and will vote to over ride the veto when the bill comes for consideration in the Assembly.


Mason B. said...

No offense to my gun-toting conservative (neo-con?) friends, but I think a conceal-n-carry law is about the dumbest idea I have heard in a long time. I have reasons (many) but I will spare you all of that because I have recently read a post that says trying to sway someone to an opposite political view is a waste of time, so I will not.

Christopher Robin said...

Why don't businesses already have signs that say no guns. What would change if concealed carry was passed. Oh yea now law abiding citizens would be prevented from entering the stores. Those who would pull the gun out and use it for illegal purposes we shouldn't worry about.