Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That Pesky "Comments" Thingie

I don't much like it but I've had to add Word Verification to comments on THC. The bots have found me.

The one from Golf Instructor, I thought, was targeted at my backswing but the one from the UK mortgage site was just trolling. The one from Dale Jarret, or at least made in his name, disappointed me. I've met DJ and have trouble believing he'd condone the spamming.

Ah, well. They've gone bye-bye now, except the one that drew a comment of its own and we'll all have to put up with the scramble of random letters. I told you that I'd do my best to maintain a little decorum here.

To my regular readers, I apologize. To Mr Cheney, "I hope you're feeling better." Remember, GW is just one heartbeat away from running this country.

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