Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Green Defends Cuts To the Most Vulnerable- Calls It His Duty

Mark Green's response to an upcoming ad campaign targeting 11 member of the House and their support for the bill which would slash $39B over five years shows where his priorities lie. A week after calling on states to clean up after his vote on the Medicaid debacle Green has said, in essence, "Let them eat cake."

In defense of his vote to raise Medicare co-pays and put more restrictions on qualifying for nursing home care Green said, "No amount of pressure from liberal special interests will convince me to raise taxes or shrink from my responsibility to reduce government spending."

So there it is. My 102 year old grandmother is just another liberal special interest. The tens of thousands of poor people struggling with the Medicaid fiasco are just another liberal special interest. Now I'm clear. Conservative special interests get no bid contracts. Liberal special interests have their Medicare restricted. Conservative special interests get tax cuts. Liberal special interests have their child support endangered by cuts in enforcement.

Accountabilty Day is coming. I'll make sure that my Liberal Special Interest gets an absentee ballot at the nursing home. It's the least I can do for Mark Green.

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