Monday, January 16, 2006

Comments On Comments- A Clarification

We have a new blog in Evansville. Chasing Ambulances In My Nightmares is a nominal Blawg, but I think time will actually tell here. Mason seems to have caught on to the comments?/no comments? question with the post I link to here.

This may be the perfect answer to the high and mighty who have refused comments at all or to the self-righteous who denounce name callers in their blog and then go on to call names of their own after they turn comments off. If he can maintain this for more than two days I predict he'll be on a lot of blogrolls in a week or two.

I'll just pop-up the link and let you chase it. It does carry a PG-13 warning (or it would if, you know, we did those sorts of things.)

1 comment:

Mason B. said...

Well thanks, I guess. We will see how it goes. I have already had one posted comment containing a racial epithet amongst other ignorant comments. Surprise, surprise the poster was anonymous.

It's funny...on the one hand I feel absolutely fine with certain offensive language and cringe at the thought of other offensive language. You can't make everyone happy.

So I won't try.