Sunday, January 15, 2006

Scott Walker Wants To Be Scary

The Scott Walker For Governor Website lists the reasons he thinks Dems and Doyle fear him. The best he can come up with for reasons is that one person who interviewed him is married to someone who ran for office in an opposing party 30 years ago and onbce lived in Berkeley.

I hate to be the one to break it to him but he didn't make me recoil in fear. He made me laugh like a little girl with that post. There is some news that makes me, and should make all thinking people, fear Scott Walker. Besides his documented lapses in judgement Walker believes that local governments are allowed to use deficit spending.

A newly found $2.3 million shortfall in the Milwaukee County Parks Department will mean that the county finishes in the red for the third straight year. Walker allowed the department to work off-book and officials thought the deficit would be on the order of $250,000. The fact that it is actually tenfold that leads me to believe they should have stuck with GAAP and kept it all on one set of books.

Walker wants the people of Wisconsin to believe his experience in leading Milwaukee County means he should be governor. Now that scares me.

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Nathan said...

Well, he couldn't do worse than Scott McCallum, could he?