Thursday, January 26, 2006

Taxes, Services and Flim-Flams

Al at Your Local Government Pontificator has some things to say about tax cuts in Rice Lake and what they had to give up to save $100. It's kind of like the Sally Struthers commercials where 17 cents feeds one child for one day. One hundred dollars per household may be a 5% cut in taxes but it also means a 5% cut in funds to pay for the things we've come to expect.

There are those who say we need to keep cutting taxes and cutting taxes without any consideration of what those taxes provide. The TABOR crowd would have us believe that even though energy costs have risen precipitously we should, somehow, absorb those costs without charging any more.

The school funding fiasco in Illinois is coming to a head as Governor Blagojevich is down to exploring Keno and on-line lottery ticket sales to pay for school construction. There is no "Magic Government Dust" which works without maintaining a healthy balance of revenue streams.

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