Monday, January 23, 2006

Evansville Mayoral Race (Not news yet)

There are three announced candidates for Mayor of Evansville. Karen Aikman, Sandy Decker and Michael Anderson. The primary election is scheduled for Feb 21st and, as of this writing, no forum is planned at which city residents can get to know the positions of the candidates.

Over the weekend I asked some questions of some locals and there are contacts being made with two groups who have held these types of events in the past. I hope that something will come of these contacts.

Does anyone out there know of any other efforts being made to let us meet the candidates?


Mason B. said...

Well grumps I am glad you asked. I thought that since Evansville has exploded with many a blog that the candidates really have tons of ways to get their messages across to the blogging community of Evansville...for free.

I have asked a few blanket questions (not 100% serious, but what is) of all candidates and hope they answer. How will they find my site? I'm not sure but I made a post or 2 about the Sgt. Fitters situation and he came on there and responded to I guess the word is out.

Anyways I agree with you, it is high time to find out more about the candidates than just what color they want their campaign sign.

Jeff said...

Hey Grumps,

ANy idea who this Tom Nonn guy is??????

grumps said...

I have no idea, yet.