Monday, January 09, 2006

Next Steps Question

I'm all for accountability in our elected officials. Don't misunderstand me. I just need a little clarification.

Are the folks calling for impeachment of GW Bush really willing to have control of the government fall into the lap of Dick Cheney?

Counting on the excitment of that to give him a coronary isn't anymore of an exit strategy than waiting to be hailed as liberators in Iraq was.


elliot said...

Trust me. No one wants Cheney in charge.

Robola said...

Heh, with all the corruption and investigation ad nausea, we'd have a great lesson in the line of sucession if Bush were impeached.

sevenpointman said...

Impeachment would have to aim at putting on trial and eventually getting rid of all those in the Bush adminstration who are reseponsible for the treasonous and unconstitutional actions of the last five-years. This is a very tall order indeed-and will probably not happen.
But intense pressure could be used to force some compromise which could appear to save Bush's ass and reputation, while indicting him, in a historical context.
One component of that compromise could be in extending the present talks with the insurgency in iraq.
This could lead to an agreement which might bring the troops home earlier.
All activists should aim their resistence and expertise at this goal.

Of course this not a strategy for an exit.

If you would like to see my comprehensive exit strategy for Iraq I invite you to visit my blog:

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Howard Roberts