Sunday, January 29, 2006

Google and You

So far Google has resisted efforts to get them to turn over bulk search results to the White House. The government says they need to know an entire week's worth search words in order to fight pornography. Google says that raw searches can give a wrong impression and has refused to co-operate citing a user's expectation of confidentiality. Those statements are true but overly simple.

My points are these. Google owns and operates blogspot which hosts this and un-numbered other blogs. Recent searches that brought folks to this humble ranter include, "cognitive psychology", "Neil Bush", "valentine party ideas for third graders", and "New York Times Select." All of those words are somewhere on this site but search results that point here are at best misleading.

Speaking as someone who is easily distracted by the sparkly things on the Internet, I don't want anyone in any government trying to play Connect the Dots with my search words.

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