Friday, June 30, 2006

What Didn't Mark Green Know And When Doesn't He Know It

Mark Green launched a sputtergram yesterday blaming Governor Doyle for Honda's failure to build in Walworth County. Regarding Honda's decision Fred Burkhardt, vice president of the Walworth County Economic Development Alliance, has said:
Walworth officials knew they were too late in their offer and he wasn't
surprised that Wisconsin didn't get the plant. Other states besides Indiana that
may proposals were Illinois, Ohio and Michigan."We knew going in we were a long
shot," he said. "We knew we were late in the game, and we appreciate the
opportunity to have played."
Green chooses to ignore the facts so he can rage about Wisconsin's business climate, a climate of growth according to the candidate to replace him in the 8th District. In the meantime Burkhardt says the effort has created more opportunity for the south-central County.
...he has heard from what he described as a "major national developer" that
builds Internet technology and life science business parks."Those are byproducts
you get from having gone to the plate," Burkhardt said,
according to the Gazette. Fred Burkhardt knows what Mark Green doesn't. Every attempt makes the next one more likely, unless you spend your time and effort whining.

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