Saturday, June 24, 2006

This Will Be Interesting, If Nothing Else

Let's take a look at some of the positions of the new candidate for the 15th Assembly District;

1) Roll back property tax limits.
"If something isn't done to amend the tax freeze, local governments like
Janesville will have to cut serious services in the future."
2) Create a tax-exempt status or credit that could be applied to Wisconsin National Guardsmen on active duty.

3) An increase of one-quarter of 1 percent on the state retail sales tax that would go to cities.
"That would raise $3 million for Janesville."

4) Toll systems to pay for roads.

Now for the surprising part. This guy, Greg Addie, is the REPUBLICAN challenger to Judy Robson. Addie is a businessman and a clergyman. He has worked at a homeless shelter, Frito-Lay and has been a Marine.

Addie is a two term Janesville councilman who has often been at odds with the rest of the Council. I'm not sure he'll get along well with the Lassee/Grothman wing of his own party, either.

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