Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I'm stunned by the Georgia Thompson verdicts. After all the testimony it seems clear that she did exert influence on the procedures. It also seems clear that the pressure served to follow the requirements of the RFP, give the contract to a Wisconsin firm and get the best deal for the State.

In other words, Georgia Thompson got it right. She brought the discussion back to the table when others were willing to let state contracts out on the basis of a slick presentation.

Let's do this. Although it's clear that the case focused on the actions of one person some of you are going to want to play fast and loose with the facts and point fingers at someone else in this decision. If you want to make this an issue about someone's ethics or lack of same you must start your post with the sentence, "I called the office of my state senator this morning and demanded a special session to pass campaign and ethics reform."

If you can't muster that modicum of positive effort then you're not allowed to spin off into Speculationland.

Call your senator and your assemblyman with the same message? Then you get a pass to name one name, as long as you bring up a counter-sin.

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elliot said...

I was surprised, too.

And I also don't think that "Travelgate" is a smoking gun against Doyle.

(Although, I'm still mightily pissed about the tribal compacts which I believe were a much larger violation of the public trust/interest.)

However, I would caution you against "the ends justify the means" thinking.

From what I understand, she cooked the process and even if she did it for good reasons she still shouldn't have done it.