Friday, June 02, 2006

Who Pays For A Great Idea?

The legislature has passed a bill that offers free tuition for veterans to any UW System school or Wisconsin Tech College. It's about time that we had a new GI Bill to help these kids transition back into normal life.

One question the lege didn't deal with, however. Who pays?

Apparently, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald thinks it's just a cost to be absorbed.
“We give the UW System $1 billion every year. The cost of the waiver is
miniscule compared to the overall budget.”

This is the same bunch that decries rising tuition at the UW, screeches about rising Tech College levies, and has attempted to choke off their ability to raise taxes.

It's time for senators like Fitzgerald to realize that there is no free lunch and that someone has to pick up the check.

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