Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Help Is Hard To Find Locally

We gathered the clan and went to the parade in Oregon yesterday to support one of the young'uns who's marching in one of the bands that was there. You can tell that it's getting closer to Primary Day all the time.

There were two candidates for Dane County sheriff there marching along with Brian Blanchard. I must not have stayed long enough to see the Republican DA candidate. Brett Davis was there as was Janis Ringhand who will be running against him. Herb Kohl wasn't there (nor was Fred) but Rae Vogeler was.

Both candidates for Governor were represented. Doyle had a guy in pretty typical parade garb marching in his place as well as a team of volunteers handing out the same stickers they had at the Monona parade. The Green Team was there in force handing out Packer schedules again as well as something new.

Team Green had lunch-size bags for the kiddies to put their swag in (and the swag at Oregon was plentiful and rich. The hockey organization was pitching pens. At least two groups had freeze pops.) The Green swag-bags were a little lightweight but you wouldn't expect heavyweight from Green to be given away. What did surprise me, though, was that Team Green was giving away Canadian-made and printed paper bags. A quick search on ThomasNet shows a dozen or more Wisconsin bag makers listed, a fair share of them in the 8th Congressional District.

Maybe Green just isn't used to buying Wisconsin-made goods after all those years of Washington living.


realdebate said...

Nice pick-up!

Vote Me.

slammer said...

WRONG! Maybe Grumps before you start to put small digs like this on your site you should do a little more research. I will assume that the Green campaign is producing a couple hundred K of these bags. While lightweight in nature the best way to print these bags is Gravure (not offset or Flexo). Because I have expierence in the paper business I do not know of one wisconsin based manufacture that can print gravue onto (kraft) paper bags. Many of the businesses that you have found on your search are paper manufactures (fox river, gilbert paper) they make the paper you print on everyday for your home printer, letterhead and the like how they got on this site I have no idea. The vast remaining are distributors they not only do not make the bag but they also do not print it and on quantities like this a person is apt to go direct rather than pay the 20% mark-up from a distributor. Many of the others are converters that will 9 times out of 10 farm out printing. I will guess that the bag says WinPak on it. And a little more for you guess who makes Capital Brewery boxes, you guessed it that same damn canadian company. Plus why would he want to use a wisconsin company anyways he may get linked to a scandal...oh wait that is the other guy