Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Need A Fact Checker

Is Jess McBride remembering this wrong or am I?

From her blog today:
Contrast this with Mark Green giving back the Tom Delay cash. He gave the money
back after Delay was indicted even though the money and Green had zero
connections to the indictment and there were no allegations of wrongdoing by
Green at all. He gave it back to shut up the media, which wouldn't let up about
it. I don't even think he had to give it back. There was no allegation of
wrongdoing, and Delay's legal problems had nothing to do with that money or
Green. NOTHING. I was prety sure that Green was still using the DeLay cash and complaining that he couldn't get rid of it.

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Xoff said...

He did not give it back or dispose of it, although there are ways he could legally have done that.

Instead, Green said he wanted to give the $30,000 to charity but state law wouldn't allow that, so he would just hang on to the money until they change the laws.

His friends, the Republican majority who run the legislature, didn't change the law.

And Green is still sitting on the $30,000.