Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Job Nobody Wants

Who is going to run against Herb Kohl?

Tommy won't do it.

Tim Michels has good reasons to not do it.

Marcus Gumz succumbed to the only thing that could keep him out of a race.

Glenn Grothman could do it but no one thinks he'd win.

That leaves Gerald Lorge and no one is excited about that.

And yet the powers of the party say they have a "strong" candidate. Somehow, I doubt it.


Mark Schnepper said...

Maybe they aren't that worried about it. He often votes Republican anyway. CAFTA, Bankruptcy Bill,etc.

Kohl has lost my vote. She won't beat him, but I am voting for Rae Voegler.

Anonymous said...

What? I'm not a strong candidate? Hmph! I'm not running then either ;-)