Monday, June 19, 2006

What Does He Really Think?

Newest Bush Domestic Policy Advisor, Karl Zinsmeister:

Doctors who perform abortions belong in jail:
WATTENBERG: So you would feel comfortable putting a doctor in jail for
performing a procedure that a woman wants? And not just on-demand, but it could
be rape, incest, life of the mother.
ZINSMEISTER: Sure. No, again, I have a
definition that had some exceptions for rape and incest where there could be
real psychological damage to the mother. But yeah, Ben

Religion should be the basis of government:
...a slow organic process by encouraging and teaching and leading people to try
to make more socially constructive choices, and religion is a very important
tool for doing that. It's, for instance, we know it's one of the best ways to
get off of drugs; it's one of the best ways, one of the only ways that's had any
affect [sic] in getting people form [sic] becoming repeat criminals when they
get out of prison.

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