Friday, June 30, 2006

Smart Growth Plan Goes Out The Window On 4-3 Vote

The Evansville Planning Commission last night voted to ignore the short-term Smart Growth plans and the expressed wishes of a large portion of the citizens and allow the development of the Morning subdivision south of County C well ahead of the planned 2015 date. Mayor Decker cast the tie-breaking vote. The Observer has the audio from the meeting.

Even Bill Hamman, who spoke against the proposal based on impact to the schools, was surprised.
"When we plan budgets and services and do long-range planning, we're basing it
on a certain growth rate. If we continue to approve this particular project,
then all assumptions on budgets are invalid and everything will need to be

There will be a public hearing on the issue at the August Common Council meeting. If you have strong feelings about the rate of growth in Evansville contact your alder between now and then. Then be at the public hearing in August.

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