Thursday, June 01, 2006

So, Do We Call This Guy A "Ham Burglar?"

We could call Grady Shanklin the Ham Burglar if the headline on the story of his arrest wasn't so tasty all by it's own self.

Illinois man nabbed for bagging beer, two hams. Thief has penchant for smoked

Shanklin was arrested in April for stealing two hams and a sixer of Colt 45. The Post-Dispatch has more.
At various times since 1998, he also has been arrested and convicted of stealing
frozen shrimp, spareribs and bananas. In May 2000, he was arrested and later
convicted of taking two electric fans, two answering machines and a radio alarm
clock from the Walgreens store at 2510 State St.
"Ham is just his particularity," said East St. Louis Detective Michael Floore, who has handled at least two of Shanklin’s arrests on charges of food theft. "He can sell them

When was the last time you saw the word "penchant" in a headline?

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