Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gard To Support Pre-emptive Autopsy Bill

Update: Corey takes a look at one of Gard's "tools" for discrediting 4K.

John Gard intends to introduce a bill requiring autopsies on healthy citizens to find out why they are walking around. "Doggone it," Gard said, "If I say they're sick they ought to go lie down. This bill will allow us to get to the bottom of why they're so healthy."

The bill is in keeping with the spirit of Gard's "4K Task Force," his effort to nitpick a reason to kill the popular and effective program. "We just need to keep picking at thngs until they die," Gard said.


slammer said...

Even though i disagree with you most the time i respect your thoughts not on this one. if there is one area i would completely disagree

XOut said...

Hey, why not post-partum abortions? What's the difference?

I guess it's all a matter of philosophy.