Monday, May 08, 2006


Owen has a nearly complete post-mortem of the TPA debacle. He lists many of the reasons for the failure of the proposed Constitutional amendment.
    1. The Leadership Was Poor.
    2. The Message Was Mishandled.
    3. The Grothman-Wood Version
      Was Too Long.
    4. The Timing Was Poor.
    5. It Took Too Long.
He forgot a couple of the reasons it deserved to die an ignominious death.
    1. It is bad policy for business to choke growth. It is bad business for
      government to artificially stifle growth. The Law of Unintended
      Consequences lives in laws like this one.
    2. A coalition of groups who care more about the people of Wisconsin than they care for WMC lined up against it. TPA supporters call WMC a "business group" and the coalition of charities, churches and service providers lined up against TPA "special
      interest groups
      ." They fooled no one.
    3. The "choke government" wing of the Republican Party lost their credibility on the streets of New Orleans. Their effectivness is flowing out to sea along with the flood waters. John Gard is scrambling to catch a ship that will sail to Marginland before he can get aboard.
    4. No matter what Mark Belling thinks, if your bill goes down
      2-1 it's not because everybody else is out of step. Mark should take two hours to watch "A Face In the Crowd" for its hidden messages about media power.
This piece of Corporatist Claptrap had something like a 34% approval rating in the Assembly. Why does that sound familiar?

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