Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Whole Thing Is A Steaming Crock

That's what a Michigan researcher has to say about the reports that the Iranian government intended to mark Jews in Iran with badges.
The actual legislation passed by the Iranian parliament regulates women's
fashion, and urges the establishment of a national fashion house that would make
Islamically appropriate clothing. There is a vogue for "Islamic chic" among many
middle class Iranian women that involves, for instance, wearing expensive boots that cover the legs and so, it is
argued, are permitted under Iranian law. The scruffy, puritanical Ahmadinejad
and his backers among the hardliners in parliament are waging a new and probably
doomed struggle against the young Iranian fashionistas. (The Khomeinists give
the phrase "fashion police" a whole new meaning).

The Iranian government still makes the country a bad place to live. Don't misunderstand. They're just not guilty of this one crime against human dignity. The still commit many such affronts.

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