Thursday, May 18, 2006

I'm Disappointed In Brett Davis

I'm less likely than some to dismiss a politician out of hand based on party affiliation. Except for the extreme ends of the spectrum there is hope of some kind of return to governance over politics.

My Assemblyman is Brett Davis of the 80th. Some describe him as a strong freshman and a hope for the future of the Republican Party. Brett and I had some interesting chats over the last concealed carry bill and weren't as far apart as some might have thought. Even though he voted opposite my intentions I understood his way of thinking and he made an effort to give mine an equal consideration.

Brett got positive attention around here for breaking with the John Gard anti-reform bunch and voting to bring an ethics bill to the floor.

Which is why I was disappointed in Brett last week for his endorsement of JB van Hollen for Attorney General. JB might be the best choice that the Republicans have right now but he certainly doesn't stand for the people of the 80th. His radical stand on abortion and birth control would set back women's right 40 years. His ramblings about terrorists in Superior feel like a sad cry for attention. JB wants to turn the state's back on Consumer and Environmental protection and to bring back the death penalty.

And yet Davis thinks this is the best man for Wisconsin's top law enforcement position. The Attorney General's focus has to be on more than just meth labs and Steve Avery. I'm sorry, Brett. You blew it this time.

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Walton said...

I share your disappointment.

However, I think endorsing any of the four candidates on either side of the party spectrum appears to be a mistake. The GOP seems to have two knee-jerk "tough cop" types, while the Dems have two rather blemished politicians in their own right.