Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Time To Submit

That's right. It's time to submit your contribution to The Carnival of the Badger, the best of Wisconsin blogging over the last week. This week's host is Stepping Right Up!. Next week it'll be Scott Mehring. After that it could be you.

You know you've been dying to get a wider or deeper audience for that great post from last week Here's how to do it, straight from Nick:

If you'd like to submit a post from the past week (or further back if its still relevant), there are many ways you can do it:
Send an email directly to badgercarnival@gmail.com. Please be sure to include the direct link to your post, as well as the name of your blog, and a short summary of your post to help the carnival host.
Use the Blog Carnival Submission Form. You can also view a list of all previous editions of the Carnival of the Badger at the Blog Carnival Archive Page.
Use the Carnival Submit Form from Conservative Cat.With so many options, how can you not participate?


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