Monday, May 08, 2006

The November election is the only answer.

"The November election is the only answer."

That's the conclusion of Neil Heinen's editorial about the conclusion of the Legislature's session last week.
The last two weeks of the state Legislature's 2006 floor session, which
ended around midnight last Thursday, were probably the most embarrassing in the
history of the state.
The Republican-led Assembly and Senate are so badly out of touch and out of
control that neither is capable of anything remotely resembling responsible
Examples include the admission that spending cap schemes were a fraud, that
pandering to the fringe on issues like immigration status was more important
than government reform, that an advisory amendment on the death penalty was
worth humiliating political maneuvers and that a great many lawmakers lack the
will or the conscience to set strong ethical guidelines for themselves.
There are some Democrats and a few Republicans who have tried to serve
But the Republican leadership has so jeopardized this state's
reputation that Republican citizens are embarrassed and frustrated.
Special sessions are likely useless with this group.
The November
election is the only answer.

What are your thoughts?

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Walton said...

Best thing the Dems can do is stay quiet and let the Repub wingnuts continue to alienate themselves.

They have done a good job of embracing the wackos (Reynolds) and destroying the level headed (Panzer).