Monday, May 15, 2006

Republicans Will Have To Go With Their Second String

Tommy Thompson backed out of the governor's race last night leaving the RPW trying to figure out how to undo the damage from the past few weeks. Thompson's lukewarm ensorsement of Mark Green's chances won't be much help even thought TT has signed on as honorary chair of Green's effort. I just can't see Green Team handouts with Thompson's, "I hope he can win," on them.

Thompson claimed that his family was unanimously against another campaign. However, he left open a run against Herb Kohl for Senate and had nothing at all to say about Presidential ambitions.

So there you have it. Tommy says nothing and does nothing and soaks up a week's worth of headlines from Green. Even Green's idea to double the DNR bureaucracy couldn't get much traction from either side. Unless and until TT telss the Journal-Sentinel that he triple dog absolutely won't run for anything ever ever cross his heart ever he'll still get more attention than the flawed Republican candidate.

Tommy T just had to remind Mark Green about who's the Daddy.

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