Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Death Of Irony

State Sen Mary Lazich published one of her Legislative Columns this week decrying the signing of the Booster Seat Law that takes effect Wednesday.
This is one time I wish the Governor had used his veto pen.
With a stroke of his pen, the Governor expanded the nanny state in
Wisconsin by creating an enforcement and logistic nightmare. Under
previous Wisconsin law, parents could decide whether their children
between the ages of four and eight should be placed in booster seats
or seat belts. That was plain old common sense.

She goes on to blast the Gov for signing the law while ignoring the fact that this Nanny State bill was a Republican forged and forced bill. The bill passed on bipartisan support increasing the intrusion of government into the lives of citizens. Sen Lazich wishes that responsibility for kids was put in the home:
Parents should be allowed to make common sense decisions about their
children’s safety, and should be allowed the freedom and flexibility to use
newer and better safety measures as they become available. Technology moves
so fast, government regulations have difficulty keeping up. Rather than
forcing parents to abide by a law that may be outdated by the time
the ink is dry, allow parents to take advantage of the best safety for
their family.
Of course Lazich missed the irony. Her column last week was all about the lege making choices for kids and teachers.
Legislation I have authored, Senate Bill 286, requires that school
boards that choose to provide sex education must present abstinence
as the preferred choice of behavior.

Nanny is as nanny does, I guess.

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