Friday, May 19, 2006

Mark Green Didn't Mean It

I have always believed that elective office should not be a career move...

I have supported term limits throughout my years in the Wisconsin State

...I concluded early on that term limits were necessary to break
the political system of its long-term addiction to special interest money and
the self preservation instinct of politicians.

Carrie Lynch points out that Mark Green said those things in a letter supporting and pledging to adhere to term limits. He vowed to limit himself to 6 years in the House because it would be: effective way to push the kind of taxpayer-based citizen-oriented reform
that I believe the people of Northeastern Wisconsin are longing for.
Of course, he said those things 8 years ago. Once he got his nose in the trough he found it hard to push away after all. And, rather than "taxpayer-based citizen-oriented reform" Green has been more interested in party-line big-money giveaways.

Why should we believe he means what he is saying now while he's asking for a chance to be Governor?

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