Friday, May 19, 2006

Teen Sex- Now That I Have Your Attention...

Did you ever notice that the people most likely to be offended by anything are the ones most likely to go out of their way to find the thing that offends them?

State Sen Mary Lazich has found a survey of high school students which has offended her. By reading one or two lines of the raw data she has found a way to be offended by the fact that some of them are having, avert your eyes if you must, s-e-x. She uses the survey to determine that the state must spend more time tell the kiddies to, "Stop that!" while ignoring the information that the bulk of our offspring are using methods to stop unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

There is a lot in the survey that says that our High School age kids are hearing the message and altering their behaviors in healthy ways. Lazich doesn't seem to grasp that in her efforts to be offended.

Dave Diamond gives his reaction here while Seth takes a little deeper look at the numbers behind the Senator's outrage.

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