Thursday, June 29, 2006

Movie References and Press Releases

Just keep releasing press releases until someone prints them. That's the plan of Brian Fraley releasing for JB van Hollen. Back on June 6 Brian posted this on JB's website about the new JBMobile, the mobile campaign station for the intrepid al Qaeda fighter.

Through heavy-handed humor Brian tried to make us think of Stripes, often voted one of the funniest movies ever. By piggy-backing on the goodwill of Bill Murray and John Candy Brian hoped to make us feel good about his candidate.
And while we know those who fear a JB victory will snicker about 'a heavily
armed recreational vehicle,' this Mobile HQ will be a huge benefit to the
campaign and to the hundreds of grassroots volunteers who will staff JB this
summer. (And, truth be told, even we've made a few references to the movie
Stripes--it's ok).

Well, despite Brian's best efforts hardly anybody noticed so he put the release out again this week. Dennis York noticed. It even made Dennis think of what might be happening at the Caped Crimefighter's HQ.

Unfortunately it made me think of the wrong movie. Does anyone else remember Racing Stripes?

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