Monday, January 01, 2007

Blogging About Blogging- Q3 '06

Still more of the stories we blogged in 2006


James had some questions about running meat.
Tim had a very bad dream.
One of the County Sheriff candidates had a novel solution to crime by the mentally ill.
Paul looked at George's habit of secret touching.
Nick tried to give Mark Green some advice. Green ignored him.
Pluto had a size problem.
We had a look at statistics and growth here in town.
Tom Reynolds reinforced the impression that he may not be all there by not being there at all.
Nathan looked at the problem immigrants cause.
My very favoritest comment chain appeared in which Jess McBride tried to explain why her hsuband wasn't bitter or childish by being, well, bitter and childish.
The Brawler looked at some phone callers.
Everybody heard about Mark Foley.
Mark Green was sort of for stem cell research, kinda. Researchers didn't buy it.
Just go watch the video. It has nothing to do with politics.
Liquids on a Plane turned out to be the horror story of the Fall.
Leaning Blue went dark.

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Peter DiGaudio said...

A Happy New Year and wonderful 2007 to you and yours!