Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last Look At 2006 In Blogging


We saw a ramp up to the elections. Michael J Fox gave his opinion.
There was writing on a wall.
Habeaus Corpus was an issue for Richard.
4K came to the forefront on the homefront.
Obamamania began in earnest.


There was an election. In the manner of Time Magazine, go find your own links.
The Trade Market Survey came around again.
Jess McBride still brought out the best in us all.
George W finally went to Viet Nam.
Brett Favre made it easy to be nostalgic for the present.


The month made it look as if 2007 would be a good blogging year, too. Mark Graul has another candidate to mislead.
Saddam is gone. Iraq isn't.
New House. Same as the Old House.
Nick saw a bad sign for the new year.
The November elections are still going on in the courts.

Today is the filing deadline for Spring elections. Let the Good Times Roll.

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Anonymous said...

Dang, we were busy last year, weren't we? A happy and prosperous New Year.