Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ticky Tacky

You didn't ask, but I'm just sayin'

I don't care if some of the proceeds did go to a good cause. Raising a third of a million dollars for a second inauguration for a governor is just wrong.

Compared to the obscene levels that Presidential inauguration have raised lately it is a drop in the proverbial bucket but giving a little money to the Boy's and Girl's Clubs doesn't take away the stink of fund raising and selling access outside the campaigning process.

And speaking of selling access. The inauguration and victory dance of JB vanHollen showed up on the news the othermorning. I've seen cattle industry trade fairs with better ambiance than that. Drab folks, obliged to show up and celebrate the one small scrap they managed to cadge from the table wandered around a motel conference room that had been decorated by some Junior High School pre-prom committee.

I don't recall an inauguration for previous AG's. I don't recall hearing about a Friends of committee for a chief law enforcer. It all just seemed a little tawdry for a man whose bumper stickers said something about Integrity.

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TC said...

Amen and amen.

I think Crist in Florida got it right; no inauguration party.