Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Impressions On The SOTU

Didn't Joe Lieberman look just a little too much like Eddie Haskell last night? It's tough to simper and fawn at a distance but he was doing his best.

I'm betting that Flyin' Jim Sensennbrenner swallowed his gum when the President started talking about immigration reform.

Sec Rice spent most of the night looking as if she'd just smelled something bad. Do yo suppose she's loving her job right now?

I'm pretty sure that I heard one open guffaw when the President started to talk about balanced budgets and fiscal restraint. That's just not something that anyone thinks of when they think of GWB. You could almost feel John Murtha and Ted Stevens rolling their eyes when the President talked about earmark reform.

Did anybody ever wake Teddy Kennedy? He was showing more jowl than a plate of collards at a Waffle Hut.

The curtain time on the event was 9 PM EST. Anybody that couldn't be in their seat by then should have been made to wait until after the first song. Michael Chertoff came into the room looking like a Tom Turkey on the morning after Thanksgiving. He must have felt relief when he read the prepared remarks and there wasn't a single mention of New Orleans.

Josh makes a point about the Pres that I would have missed.

After disarmingly gracious opening remarks about Nancy Pelosi's speakership, the
president congratulates the 'Democrat majority' -- words most every Democrat
takes as a calculated insult. The prepared remarks say "Democratic majority".
But apparently he couldn't help himself.
When did this foolishness start and why?

I thought that it was one of this President's better speaking efforts. I wish I had more faith in his pledges of goodwill and bipartisanship. I know that his remarks must have rocked the red-meat true-believers to their very cores and that he'll take grief for that. It's important to remember that GWB has targeted his Presidency to benefit a very narrow slice of his party while taking advantage of perceived alliances of principle. He's not going to abandon the friends who got him to where he is now.

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