Friday, December 14, 2007

The Naughty List

Nobody is surprised that Jose Canseco is on Mitchell's List. No one is surprised that Ozzie Canseco isn't.

Slammer weighs in on Gagne on another post.

Eleven past and present Brewers? And yet Selig continues his denials. Frankly, I'm speptical.

I think the biggest surpise is Turnbow. I thought these were called performance enhancing drugs.

Now they've announced that Madonna is headed for the Hall of Fame but she's not on the list. I'd have bet money on that one.

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Mark Schnepper said...

As a Cubs fan, I have to say, my biggest surprise was Sosa escaping the list!

From the Chicago Tribune:

"It's time to take Sosa out of the shadow of steroids suspicion."

Full Story at:

Personally, I have to say Sammy's rapid "body expansion" leaves plenty of room for speculation and suspicion, although there isn't evidence to convict him of anything, keep him out of the hall for steroids,etc.

Makes me wonder if Sammy was a lot better at "covering his tracks" than others were or just lucky that his source (if he did have one) didn't get pulled into the investigation? Remember a while back when Caminiti made his claims that more than 50% of baseball was on steroids(correct me if I am wrong, I don't recall his exact # and didn't check it out, but he did claim a very very high percentage)? It seemed like a very high number, but it leads me to wonder if this is just the tip of the iceberg that actually had people rat them out? Were there people that didn't get their steroids from the sources that "talked" and supposedly walked away clean on this issue? As big as the list is, I bet there are people that used and didn't get named.

I believe the two major sources of "the list" were info from the Balco Grand Jury and the trainer from the NY Mets who talked due to a plea agreement. I haven't looked at the report and have just read an article or two so I could be off base on this conclusion that I reached from my limited reading.