Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saw The Line. Touched The Line. Crossed The Line

Oconomowoc Town Chair Robert Hultquist was doing okay when he sent his annual newsletter pggybacked on the yearly tax bill. He was probably on safe ground to praise his fellow Town Board members for the work they had done in the past year.

However, there is a bright line that says you cannot solicit or endorse on the taxpayers' dime. Once Hultquist started to tell folks for whom to vote he crossed that line.
In the last paragraph of the letter, Hultquist wrote:
"I will therefore not only be endorsing and supporting Jan and John in their efforts for re-election, but I also ask that you do the same and cast your vote for both of
them in our April 2008 election. Our present Board of Supervisors is truly a
good one!"

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Walton said...

Maybe it is the non-stop Hyundai commercials, but the word, "DUH!" seems to come to mind...