Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pants On Fire, Indeed

Congratulations to Greg Peck for telling the best whopper of the year. Well, anyway, the best intentional, publicly-acknowledged, for publication, accompanied by a dollar whopper of the year.
A man with a stellar name, Greg Peck of Janesville, is this year’s
contest winner, which will bring him a grand prize of notoriety and a parchment

Peck’s one-liner involved theWisconsin River, which he said “was so low
this year that the local government started taxing us for more property on our
riverfront lot.”

There were six honorable mention runners-up, including two Racine
County residents.

Also, congratulations to Racine County for two honorable mentions. We always knew that there were some almost-as-good liars over there.

Just for the record, I did not submit an entry this year. That deadline sneaks up on me sometimes.

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