Monday, May 18, 2009

A Few Questions About Furloughs

Capper has already done the math showing that putting certain health-care workers on furlough will cost more dollars than it saves and will also raise exposure questions regarding diminished evels of service.

I just wonder about the legality and propriety of furloughing University employees who draw substantial portions of their wage from grants.

Will granting institutions reduce the level of funding correspondingly?

Will the University be required to repay a comparable portion of the grants?

If the University starts welching on grant terms on a wide-spread basis what effect will that have on pending and future grants?

Don't misapprehend. Furloughs are far better than lay-offs but are they the magic bullet that some think they are?


Zach W. said...

I might be able to answer the questions surrounding grant-funded employees soon, as I'm one myself (though not in the UW system).

Anonymous said...

The answers to your questions will not be good for Wisconsin -- which, of course, already is among the worst states in the country for getting federal funding, getting our federal tax bucks back in the state.

But this is only a small part of all of the budgetary blowback that will be from furloughs. They are being badly planned. Of course, that they still aren't sufficiently planned shows what a political ploy this was, so what mismanagement it is by Doyle.

Good businesses, when they have to do furloughs, have a clear plan when they are announced. Instead, the result now is rumor and misinformation from pols and people at the top, some of it so insulting -- and embarrassing in showing how little they know about the jobs of the people who work for them.