Saturday, May 02, 2009

Grading "Wolverine"

For a movie that lists no fewer than nine supplemental graphics houses X-Men, Origins is a fuzzy mess. For the final shot in the forest landing strip on Three Mile Island (????) it looked like old-school painted plate work. Not impressive.

Writing- C-
Nobody is going to this for the plot anyway but it just never held together for me. Characters that are well written don't change motives on the turn of a dime. Too often I found myself thinking, "He wouldn't do that," or, "Why on Earth is she going along with this?" And I'm pretty sure that elite quasi-black-ops military snipers don't just blast anything that's handy. The explosions were nifty but they hung on some pretty thin plot points.

Character Development- You're kidding, right?
If only they hadn't wasted Gambit. Ahh. Who am I kidding? There were 56 stuntmen listed without counting co-ordinators for three second units. The explosions were cool and did you see him shred that helicopter? I wonder why it didn't catch fire and explode.

Loudness- A+
Not as loud as Transformers but close.

I hope they make their money back quickly. The characters are strong enough to deserve another chance but only Fanboys are seeing this one twice.

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Ordinary Jill said...

I think I'll give this one a miss. Back when I read comic books, I preferred DC to Marvel. I found the X-Men movies mildly entertaining (perhaps because I wasn't comparing them to the comic books), but this spin-off just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe it's because the Wolverine make-up manages to make Hugh Jackman look unattractive ;-)