Sunday, May 03, 2009

Steele Invites Moderates To Table And Tells Them To Shut Up.

A quick shot from the WisGOP convention in LaCrosse from the JS.
"All you moderates out there, y'all come. I mean, that's the message,"
Steele said at a news conference. "The message of this party is this is a big
table for everyone to have a seat. I have a place setting with your name on the

"Understand that when you come into someones house, you're
not looking to change it
. You come in because that's the place you want
to be."

He'd be more than willing to tally the moderate's votes. As to listening to them? Not so much. What was it Eric Cantor just said way back on Friday?
We hope that will form the foundation of a concerted, policy-based forum
listen to, partner with, and empower the
American people with ideas and solutions [ ]

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