Friday, August 14, 2009

Channelling Jimmy Fallon

TO has changed teams and come out with a new breakfast cereal. Straight from his website, His Humbleness describes them as the second coming of Flutie Flakes.
Terrell Owens has his own reality television show and millions of
followers on Twitter and, now, his own cereal. T.O.’s — as his cereal is called
— will be coming to a Tops store near you, if they haven’t

PLB Sports, the Pittsburgh-based firm that introduced Flutie Flakes a
decade ago, this week began rolling out Owens’ cereal, which will be sold
exclusively in Tops stores.

Made of honey nut toasted oats, T.O.’s come in a collector’s box that
features Owens on the cover. On the back is an image of a Bills helmet-clad
Owens pouring the cereal onto his face, paying homage to his catch phrase,
“Getchya popcorn ready.”

Fallon says that the interesting thing is that each box will be marked, "Best if Used Before 2004."

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