Thursday, August 06, 2009

A Party Gone Topsy-Turvy

How messed up does a party have to be to define a Mark Neumann/Rick Wiley partnership as their moderate choice? Neumann announced that Wiley would be leading his campaign for Governor according to The Dallas News.
Sadosky said that Sullivan and Wiley, who will become a top consultant to
Mark Neumann's gubernatorial campaign in Wisconsin, have similar strengths and

Why did Wiley leave his last job as Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign manager in her run against Texas Gov Rick Perry?
Campaign officials said former leader Rick Wiley is leaving because a recent
health problem requires that he reduce the high stress and avoid the hectic pace
of managing a large campaign.

So Wiley figures that the Walker/Neumann tussle in Wisconsin won't have the hectic pace of a large campaign, that it'll be a laid-back walk in the park? I thought he was more savvy than that.

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apc said...

There's also the fact that the Kay Bailey Hutchison campaign is taking on water right now. In less than 6 months, she's gone from 10-15 points up in the polls to being 10-15 points down, depending on which poll you look at.
Governor Perry has done quite a bit during this time to shore up his bona fides among the wackaloon right, what with the secession talk and turning down $550 million in stimulus money for the state's unemployment compensation fund. It doesn't matter that the unemployment fund is now out of money and the state's going to have to borrow $600 million to cover the shortfall; he made his (stupid) point with his base.

Remarkably enough, this could help the Democrats in a rapidly purpling Texas. There's no way anybody beats Kay Bailey in a general election, but Perry's really unpopular across the state except for the rabid rightwingers, who love the guy, but there are fewer and fewer of those. I recently saw a poll where any generic Democrat would defeat Perry.

If Texas turns blue, it's game over.