Monday, August 03, 2009

Through The Looking Glass

Okay, stay with me on this one because it's every bit as convoluted as we've come to expect from Sarah Palin and her groupies.

Apparently some Internet sites had headlines that said Todd and the newly resigned Governor were divorcing. I'll have to take the Sarah supporter's word for it because she provides no links. I didn't see this rumor until I saw it denied on the Sarah Palin Blog.

It looks as if no one did, and here's where it gets all Palin-y. The blogger says she doesn't want to hear that none of the Main Stream (sic) Media reported the story.
*** UPDATE *** I have read on several sites and here on this blog comments
that the Main Stream Media never picked up the Palin divorce story. Well, not
exactly true. Many MSM organizations were quick to publish the story after they
got a denial from Sarah Palin's attorneys and/or the statement from Meghan
Stapleton - but understand THAT is still going with the story. It becomes a "Do
you beat your wife?" story. Make the accusation - force a denial - and then the
story is out there.

Nevermind that the MSM never made the accusation. By printing SP's denial (which made this a news story) then the MSM was persecuting the quitter's family.

Think about how twisted this is. SP denies an Internet rumor to the press and then berates the press for publishing their release. Tell me again why anyone should listen to a single word this woman says.

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