Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thoughts On Favre's First Purple Reign

When I heard this
How Favre's arrival affects [John David] Booty remains to be seen, other
than he gave up his No. 4 jersey. Now wearing No. 9, Booty said he gladly handed
over his jersey number and laughed when asked if he received any financial

I couldn't help but think of this.
Let's go back up to my office and talk about this like two reasonable
Does that make me a bad person? (It's pronounced Big Boo-tay.)

If Favre is really committed to this whole, "running out the string," thingie, shouldn't he be learning how to kick field goals, too?

If you want to learn how to say, "Whatever," using only body language check out the tape of Tarvaris Jackson being congratulated by Brent after his touchdown pass. That cold shoulder could freeze the tundra again.

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Ordinary Jill said...

We'll never forget you, Brent.