Monday, August 02, 2010

It's A Fair Question

I haven't faulted Scott Walker for never finishing college. After all, I just got around to getting back to it myself. But he's making an issue of his record by not releasing the transcripts of the work he did while he was in college in the first place.

Nobody really expected Walker to have a record of A's and B's as Neumann has, just based on his critical thinking and decision-making skills, but if it took him four years to amass 84 credits that means that either Walker was a less-than-full-time student or he has more than just one or two F's in that transcript.

Maybe there were circumstances that kept Walker from finishing a class or two. Maybe he just wasn't putting his best effort into school. But the citizens of Wisconsin have to know a few things about a man who wants to run DPI, appoint the Board of Regents, and oversee the hiring of top-level administrators at the UW System Schools.

Join the call for transparency by Scott Walker. Ask to have his transcript made public. Mark Neumann and Tom Barrett have both done so and have shown they not only have nothing to hide but would be well qualified to weigh in on questions in education. What is Walker hiding by refusing to meet this simple request?

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