Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RoJo Channels His Inner Sandra Bullock

Somebody changed the website to match the candidate's version of reality. How Net-like!
Meanwhile, back at the primary, Dave Westlake says
In any hiring situation, an applicant who submits a resume but refuses
outright to show up to a job interview is immediately disqualified,” says
Westlake. “Yet that’s the kind of disdain for voters we’re seeing here,” the
West Point graduate and Army Veteran adds.
...and calls Johnson out for his lack of respect for voters.
Why is RoJo afraid to debate Westlake?
Is it because Westlake has a consistent message and connects with working people while Johnson gives the working man crumbs and distortions?
Or is it because Westlake is a tireless campaigner who has proven himself on the rubber chicken and Lincoln Dinner circuits while Johnson was busy buying himself an endorsement?

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