Thursday, August 05, 2010

Taken To Its Logical Conclusion

Would you go to a dentist who advertised, "My competition has done nothing for the past 23 years except drill teeth. Choose me because I've never done it before?"

Would you choose a surgeon who prided himself on not being a career surgeon while deriding his opponent as someone who'd done nothing but surgery for two decades?

Would you hire a bus driver who had never driven, a plumber who had never soldered a joint or an electrician who knew nothing about amps and volts and wattage?

Of course you wouldn't. So why swallow the ads of a knucklehead like Ron Johnson, who admits he doesn't "know" a lot about the Constitution, who plays stumble, fumble and fall with something so basic as a blind trust for his BP stock who sees the parade of jobs out of Wisconsin as creative destruction that's good for the businesses in the state?

Why vote for a candidate whose self-proclaimed strong suit is that he's never done the job and doesn't know much about how it works.

RoJo would hire a line worker with those qualifications. Why does he think Wisconsin is gullible enough to hire him?


elliot said...

Isn't this the same post you wrote about Barack Obama's complete like of administrative experience? :)

grumps said...

RoJo is fair game, Elliot. His campaign is based on not being what his opponent is, a competent, experienced legislator.

The President campaigned on his ideas, even if they didn't suit some on the right they were ideas. Obama's CV was governance-heavy. Johnson's is just the opposite.