Friday, November 25, 2005

A Lesson From Maddy

Maddy is in Second Grade now. It is possible that she is one of the best reasons to travel 75 miles for Thanksgiving dinner.

Yesterday she sat watching the Very Serious Euchre game at the Men's Table after the first round of plates had been cleared. There was a steady hum from the other room where the women were doing the business of the day, catching up on weddings, funerals and babies. The football game was on low in the front room and Google Maps was the entertainment of choice in the back. The gaggle of kids had taken the pack of dogs and gone upstairs to do whatever it is that kids and dogs do in a house full of adults too stuffed to chase them.

But Maddy sat by her father's side watching the Very Serious Euchre game. After all, if you only get together once a year then every game is the Annual Tournament. Maddy dutifully told us all of the things that she learns in Second Grade and spelled her hardest word for us. She also got Dad's help to say the hardest word she cannot spell. In short she was her usual charming self.

Between hands Maddy stood up. "While I'm up, can I get you anything to drink? Some more coffee or a glass of punch?" She stood ready to take our orders.

"No, thank you. I'm good. No, Maddy but it's kind of you to ask." General replies that we were not going to consume one more thing until the pumpkin pie came.

"Well, then. I guess I'll just sit down." And she did.

Bless her heart. She made a point to get up and then ask us what she could do for us "while she was up." Let's all follow her example. We can do more for each other without much effort. Look around. See what needs to be done and then get up.

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