Monday, May 07, 2007

Horrifying Thought

A pretty fair chunk of those who are trying to make the case that McGee Sr speaks for all blacks seem to feel that Charlie Sykes speaks for all whites.


elliot said...

Neither of them speak for me.

grumps said...

I may have overstated that "pretty fair chunk" but there are those who presume that by standing up for Sykes they are practicing something over and above common decency when that is all that is called for in this case.

I cannot say often enough that McGee's comments were despicable and deserve the weight of the vituperation being heaped upon him.

Without making a whit of excuse for McGee one can fairly say that Charlie's schtick is based on name-calling and bullyragging those with whom he disagrees.

No person of good will doubts that McGee crossed the line of decency and humanity. There are those who are willing to debate how close Sykes dances to that line every show. I worry about those who would take either McGee's or Sykes' side without fail simply to inflict pain upon someone else.